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Louisville SEO Is As Louisville As Yard Sales And Bourbon

Louisville SEO services are provided by Ultimate SEO, they include a full range of local SEO products and solutions.  We pride ourselves in our Technical SEO strength but we also provide SEM, SMO and SMM solutions to the 502.  Incidentally Ultimate SEO started as cloud502.com in 2017 here in Louisville.

Our local SEO work has primarily been with Political SEO and local elections.  We created votelouisville.com to help serve in the interests of Louisville Metro voters during the 2018 midterms.

Matthew Leffler, founder of Ultimate SEO, is a born and breed Louisville native who knows that we have yard sales and Derby takes 3 weeks not 2 minutes.

Uniquely Louisville

Fun fact, the term “yard sales” is very specific, local jargon that gives away your local connection. It’s only used in a handful of cities, Louisville being the largest.

Photobombing the family elders photo at my Grandparents farm in Fern Creek, KY.

Local Louisville SEO – Google My Business map results and local citations by Ultimate SEO.

Page Speed Optimization Video

Page Speed Optimization On WordPress – SEO Technical Audit Part 1

Part 1 of a new series Completing A SEO Technical Audit begins with a popular topic Page Speed WordPress Optimization. ¬†Its popular for good reason, in an article I note an example where a site ranks higher on mobile search than its bigger, higher DA competitor because of page speed.¬† The video walks through using […]
Louisville's New Bridge

More Than Keywords – How Local SEO Is Done

Louisville Local SEO Expert

Bad Backlinks: 100 Sites You Don’t Want A Backlink From.

Bad Backlinks UltimateSEO.org has backlinks from about a thousand domains.  In a recent review of these I found an odd reoccurring link from multiple domains but all with the same content and titles.  I was introduced with "The Globe" which charges sites to NOT list them or makes money from SEOs paying them to not backlink to them.  At $36 a link they're likely insane and I bet its bringing in some money.  But before we go all crazy and start paying Ransomlinks (if its not a word I claim it ... Ransomlinks are backlinks from bad sites meant to
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11 SEO Tips Quick Reference Guide

11 SEO Tips Quick Reference Guide Read too many blogs explaining the art of disavowing backlinks based on the referring site's link metrics and now just ready to pull out your hair?  Before you do you may benefit from getting back to the important stuff...the basics: Focus more on your backlinks than keywords more than you usually do Have backlinks link to the specific post not the site homepage Page Speed....seriously....3 second load is the goal.  Over 6 seconds forget about everything else Every page needs a Title, Description, One H1 Header, And An Image with the Alt-text containing your

What Is Domain Authority Why Should I Care?

  Domain Authority is in my opinion the single greatest indicator of a sites ability to compete organically for search traffic.¬† It is a great question and its simply complex.¬† Keep in mind Domain Authority or DA as we shall refer to it pretty much here on is the single best number to predict ranking ability and we know that the top 3 positions consume over half of all searches so it can be directly attached to traffic. A few disclaimers: Domain Authority is not a Google creation it is from Moz.com and it is their educated guess at how
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Political SEO: SEO Tips For Political Campaign Websites

SEO Tips for Political Campaign Websites What’s worse than a candidate not having a campaign website? It’s having a campaign website that no one can find. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way of building your website pages to make them more attractive to search engines and have them rank higher for related searches. Here are some basic SEO tips when building out your website: Optimize your site’s web pages The page title
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