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2021 Best WordPress Plugins For SEO

I think I did one of these articles in 2019 so its time to update the Best WordPress Plugins list for 2021. As an SEO minded person these will tend to lean towards that end of the spectrum but as we continue to see speed and mobile optimization has brought some highly technical requirements into the SEO realm. That expansion of SEO lends itself to an expansion of SEO plugins. 2021 Top WordPress Plugins
  1. Asset Cleanup: Page Speed Booster – The most damning thing to your site’s speed performance is typically the number of requests it makes to render your …
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Free Auto Blogger / Autoblogger Plugins Using RSS For WordPress Sites

Auto blogging can mean a few closely related but distinct things.
  • It could be that you have a blog and just want relevant content regularly added but don’t want to have to write it and post it yourself.
  • Or it could be that you have several sites that you want to post the same thing too but only from one place.  Content Syndication is a term I apply n these cases.
  • Finally, you may want to blog about automobiles, this article isn’t for you.
The good news is that this page covers the first two aspects of auto …
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20+ Of My Favorite Must Use Plugins for 2019

If its in this list I’ve used it at least 25 times. Some seem to do the same thing but not really all the membership plugins have special ways of being perfect in their own way. You can download them all zipped up from this site. 20 Great Plugins Add To Any Social Media with ease All 404 Redirect No 404s redirects as folks seek out a dead url All In One Migration Back it up on demand into one file All In One Migration Extended Restore it all on demand from that one file bbpress Forum that works with …
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Advanced Cloudflare SEO On WordPress

There are countless guides that will walk anyone through creating a Cloudflare account, installing the plugin and completing the setup on WordPress. This isn’t one of those guides. This is whats next … what to avoid and how to mitigate common issues. General Cloudflare WordPress Troubleshooting This goes for almost any issue…the first steps to solving a problem. First … clear the cache of all files … if this does not resolve your issue turn on Development mode.  This completely bypasses the cache.  To ensure the firewall or page rules aren’t the source of your issue you may want to …
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Data Security Note: Its Okay To Snitch.

Someone asked me if calling out a “hacker” makes you a snitch?  I smiled and told them, being a snitch is decent.  People who don’t like snitches are doing things they are ashamed of and know it.  In IT we need to be snitches a lot more and loudly. Its pretty fun being your own web host, maintaining your own cloud resources and setting up the security protocols and so forth.  We’ve hosted about 300 sites at various points and presently maintain 120.  All of which are internal projects and resources.  This volume creates a lab for SEO experiments and …
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Adult Site SEO Tips And Directory

A Porn Search Engine Check out … an SEO Search Engine Experiment. How aggregation fares in organic growth. is an adult search engine. Porn Engine link opens in a new window. Originally A Guest Post at Stream SEO Make $1,000 per month with sexy Adult Blogs in 2019 Updated on SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 by  Intro (Servando): This is a guest post by Andrew. While we usually don’t cover anything adult related at Stream SEO, I can’t deny a lot of SEOs focus in this industry because it’s huge and there’s a lot of money to be made of. People have asked me …
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Managing And Maintaining A PBN

PBNs in 2019 can be just as effective as they once were if properly maintained and staged.  Mimicing an organic site goes a long way in the stability of your PBN. Additional Private Blog Network Resources: SEO PBN – Collection of all our SEO Articles on PBNs PBN Videos For Finding Expired Domains Backlinks and Auto Posting Maintaining A PBN It started off simple enough every week I’d search through expiring domains and pick up a couple cheap .org domains and spent about $7 bucks on two. I’d build my sites out individually and define a purpose to them and …
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Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Ends A Decade Late

Adobe Will No Longer Support Flash After 2020, 10 Years After Steve Jobs Argued Why It Should End In 2010. Google Announced in September 2019 that it was phasing out support for Flash from its Chrome browser following Adobe;s announcement that they would end support in 2020.  Apple users wont likely hear much about the end of Flash, in 2010,  Steve Jobs wrote a scathing review of Flash and in it explained why Apple products wouldn’t support it. Google’s Flash Announcement: For 20 years, Flash has helped shape the way that you play games, watch videos and run applications on …
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WordPress SEO Security Settings For WP Cerber

One might think cybersecurity is not an SEO topic, but it is a very important SEO topic.  SEO as I keep noting here is more than keywords today. Technical SEO is about speed optimization, files such as robots.txt and sitemap.xml and security of your site IS an SEO matter. If you neglect your security Google can take action including deindexing your site if malware is found.  You’d be notified likely in Google Search Console of manual action and be removed from searches until you’ve cleaned up the site. Consider images like these in Search Engine Console or read about a …
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building a pbn site

Creating A PBN Network Part 4: The Site Needs A Story

Creating a PBN or Private Blog Network is likely more difficult that just focusing on your content and the value it offers visitors. In this post we’ll examine what you need to have on the site and how it should be structured. In previous posts we’ve discussed: Creating A Private Blog Network: PBNs In 2019 For SEO PBNs 2019 – Domain Detailing – Picking Expired Domains And 301 Redirects Auto Posting Across Social Media Platforms – IFTTT – Domain Name Register – PBNs In Mind – Every Site Needs A Backstory Because every organic real site has one …
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