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First lets note that Ultimate SEO is a champion of gender equality and strongly feels that there is a lack of females in the technology industry.  I believe its society at fault, rewarding males for thinking and working with their hands encouraging males to tinker with electronics and pushing females into roles like teachers or nursing.  Fundamentally it has put the world and the technological development of our planet at a disadvantage to discourage about half of the population from contributing in this field.

We don’t believe in gender norms at Ultimate SEO we just see it as bias and forcing a round peg into a square hole.  Girls at young ages need to be encouraged to find their own path and we need to be receptive to that in this industry.

Recently a PHP conference was canceled due to the lack of diversityin the speaker line up and it should be canceled.  The conference can say that few women applied to be speakers but thats a cope out in building a bridge to a gender that was ignored in previous generations.  Girls need role models and conferences need diversity.

Paternity Leave

One way to combat the push that women have to chose between career or family would be to provide equal paternity leave allowing the parents to make the choice between who stays at home and who goes to work.  Currently in the US its both legal and customary to expect only the mother to take off to raise children after they are born.  That alone forces talent out of any field.

Here are some resources for females in technology and if you are a girl or a boy Ultimate SEO thinks you’re awesome and equally the key to tomorrow.

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