No you’re in the right place. is now part of  Please proceed to our homepage or if you know where you’re going happy trails.  We also operate and  The SEO502 fits within the branding of our domains and completes the original focus of Cloud Data and SEO.  Then we acquired which serves as our primary site and brand identity.

Matthew Leffler


Matthew Leffler left Accenture November 2017 after moving from Hewlett-Packard in 2015.  With an MBA, MEd and a BSIT he began freelancing as a software trainer and cloud computer consultant.  After joining a political campaign and handling data services Matt turned to cloud computing to deliver an enterprise worthy solution.  The campaign asked Matt to handle SEO services which was a natural extension of his experience and education.  Now a year later Matt continues to provide Data, Cloud and SEO services freelance and does so on

Matt has brought the skills and talent he utilized in the corporate world to freelancing.  While on Upwork Matt has earned a 99% success rating with over 600 client hours and is “Top Rated”. has served as Matt’s cloud computing site and it had a section dedicated to SEO work. was a domain Matt ran across and jump on to build a dedicated SEO blog and tools site for clients and others.  This site is developing an SEO Panel section to provide tools for clients, we continue to offer ranking tracking and post SEO articles.  We welcome guest bloggers and acknowledge there is never a time that you can’t learn something.

Welcome and that’s where you enter this story.

Has always been part of the Cloud502, Data502, Matt502 domains that I hold but as I am priamrily working for clients outside of the Louisville area and am planning to return to Chicago I am transitioning out from the 502 area code as part of the domain names for each niche area I work within.  There was no additional content on so please enjoy this actual content.