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SEO Tool Box

You have to learn to use the right tool for the job. ¬†Something my father instilled in me. ¬†Some tools can be used in various instances in multiple ways but often the best tool for a job is the tool specifically designed for the need that you have, all inclusive and bundled combos usually come with a sacrifice. ¬†This page provides a collection of free (or paid when noted that) SEO tools out on the web, SEO tools provided by UltimateSEO and SEO software to be run on your PC/Mac.¬† Any tool only available on one OS is noted with an *. ¬†Jake of all trades … master of nothing. ¬†You’ve gotta experiment and use as many tools as you can find.


SEO Tool Box

Can’t Live Without SEO Tools

This category is small, these are SEO Tools that you have to use, if you dont youre a fool.  Many paid tools integrate with the tools here for their data.

  • Search Engine Console – Google product that is not the same as Google Analytics. Totally free and invaluable for organic search traffic data.
Google Serch Console
Google Search Console is a necessity in your SEO Tool Box



Top SEO Tools That Cost Money

  • SEMRush.com – great tool, all around fit for backlinks, keywords, site audits and PPC.¬† – Cost $99 no whitelabel at this price
  • SEOProfiler.com – a great tool for client reporting and tracking positions, backlinks over time. – Cost $99 but has white label reports at this price.
  • SPYFU.com – great for competitor reviewing. – Cost $69 but $99 for white label reports.

Pricey SEO Tools

  • Moz Pro – for the price I find it offers too little
  • – for the high price it is out of reach of most freelancers
  • – for the high cost and comparable free toys, just not worth it.

SEO Tools From Others

Tools To Download

  • URLProfiler* –¬†(Cool, but expensive to pay for a monthly license for something run off my machine)
  • HTTrack– Copy a site, save it to HTML
  • DomDetailer* –¬†(Useful Cheap )
  • SEOQuake – Chrome Browser Extension – Google Chrome Extension by SEMRush¬†(SEMRush Extension)
  • WebSite Auditor* – SEO Powersuite – Free options available, with poor portability. First level of paid license lacks ability to export data, limiting usefulness. Website Auditor is one part of SEO PowerSuite.¬† Just because you pay for this part don’t expect to be able to use other modules.¬† Really….the least useful tool compared to costs.


Techy Useful SEO Tools

Document Tools

  • CSV Merge – All those reports you’ve downloaded in CSV would be great if they were one report right? ¬†If the headers match up then we have a merging tool for you.

SEO Tools by

You can check out mostly all of the tools offered from this site at page itself is a work in progress, for now here are some of the tools on this site.

CDN / Site Optimization

  • Cloudflare – their free option is sufficient for most sites online.¬† Acts as a CDN, Security and DNS. Highly recommended.
  • DigitalOcean CDN – create your own self branded CDN using Digital Ocean’s edge servers for next to nothing.

Local SEO Applications (runs from your machine)