SEO Panel Is Discontinued

SEO Panel was a failed project. We attempted to bring you this free tool but after extensive testing found it to be rather useless. We junked it after 8 months and no one ever trying to use it.

SEO Panel requires paid plugins to be of much use. There are better tools out there and we don’t want to waste your time with this tool especially since it doesn’t seem to work without rent a proxy server from them.

If you’re interested in SEO Panel, I dont know why, I’d say you can install it and test it out. We offer it as a free installation with our hosting plans. Check them out and if needed we’re happy to install it for you.

Alternative SEO Panel

We do have a similar free tool that may have some value to some clients. SiteSpy which is located at is a free tool that works a bit better than Sitespy although it is not really that great either.  Check it out, its free…