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Link Building Schemes

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are essentially a quid pro quo link building scheme that requires participants to link to one another for backlinks.  They are low value at best or most likely deliver little weight unless custom articles are created and include in content links.  

Links in content are what you really want, getting a random link from the footer of a site that has little to do with your industry is not that effective.  In content links are worth many more times the value of … forum comment links, profile links, directory links, press release links, you name it …. it likely a link scheme adding no value to the reader.  But in content links thats where it is…if you need help with content or SEO articles check out our new SEO Articles site SEOArticles.org

Matthew Leffler


Matthew Leffler is a freelance SEO on Upwork.com and SEOClerks.com with 20 years of technical experience and a technical education background. In those years of experience he's worked in several technical roles in informtation technology and software training. Matt has worked at Hewlett-Packard and Gateway Computers. Matthew earned his BSIT, MBA in Technology Management and MEd in Instructional Design. He holds over a dozen active technical certifications including A+, Netowrk+, Security+, Project+, is a Certified Webmaster Professional, and a HDI Help Desk Analyst.

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