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Google Data Studio

Google Analytics And Adwords In Data Studio

Previously we’ve discussed Google Data Studio as a possible Wordstream Alternative and in Google Data Studio Knows Everything SEO, Or It Can we’ve noted to ability to combine different data sets from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads and more. These combined data sources allow us to produce rich graphs that are easy to understand but key to website performance and search engine positioning.

In this article we’re going to look further in the implications for your digital marketing strategy when PPC is fueled by Data Studio.


Data From Multiple Sources To Improve Your CPC Campaign


Adwords ads are priced along some similar factors as SEO.  The landing page experience is the prime example.  If Adwords or Google Ads determines your user experience is going to be poor it penalizes you by charging more .. many times more driving up your ad costs. 

It makes sense though, Google wants to deliver good user experiences so for them to send people to a poorly designed page with little relevancy it’ll cost you.  This metric is the quality score and it is a ten point scale.  1 meaning its awful and 10 it cant be any better.

Monitoring our data we can look out for what causes a quality score to come in low.  Google Data Studio and Google Analytics data can identify page load issues.  Such as the data on page 10 of our Demo Data Studio Template Report

Data Studio Showing Page Load Performance From Google Analytics

The demo report easily allows for us to break down why a page may load in X seconds.  Reporting data on Server Response Time, Connection Time and Latency to name a few.

We can improve the quality score in Adwords by monitoring these factors.  


Google Ads in Google Data Studio

In this Adwords Data Studio Template  we can see the reported Adwords performance of an Adwords campaign.


Google Adwords Data Studio Template

While we can see much of this data in Adwords itself we gain the ability to style and arrange the data as we need here in Data Studio.  Obviously the ability to intermix data from different data repositories is also a key benefit.

From the data in the image above we can easily see that conversions are up 8% while Avg CPC is down 29%.  With 48 million impressions during the reporting period a CTR of .5% is abysmal.  Only 234,000 of 48,000,000 click this ad.  This tells us something is wrong.

In further digging the Keyword Quality Score is reported as a 4.5 … in perspective Google auto assigns you a QS of 6 before theyve assessed you.  So 6 is the neutral point.  If you go over 6 you’ll be charged less, under you’re charged more.

When reviewing keyword QS in your account, you are able to see the following;

  • Quality Score – How relevant the keyword, ads and landing pager are to those viewingan ad.
  • Ad Relevance – How closely related keywords are to ad copy.
  • Landing page experience – How useful the landing page is to users viewing the page.
  • Expected CTR – Based on past performance, the chances that an ad will be clicked when shown.
  • Quality Score (historic) – The last known quality score in the reporting time frame.
  • Ad Relevance (historic) – The last known ad relevance in the reporting time frame.
  • Landing page Experience (historic) – The last known landing page experience score in the reporting time frame.
  • Expected CTR (historic) – The last known expected click-thru-rate in the reporting time frame.

To learn more about Data Studio and the multiple ways you can leverage this tool contact us for a free consultation.

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