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Top Rated Advice

I don’t say I’m Top Rated, They Say I Am.  And I don’t mean Upwork I mean almost every one of my clients.  And in the end, that is your goal. Happy clients.

Ultimate Upwork Guide: Tips And Advice From A Top Rated Freelancer

Everything Ends Sometime

Always keep an eye out for your next opportunity, realizing that every contract or project must end.

How to ... and our discussion

Feel free to comment on anything.  I’m self taught and have a lot to learn too, knowledge gaps to fill.  But this also gives a unique perspective.

Spotting Your Clients

Its a dance between two parties.  You have to find Your Clients.  Not Everyone is your client, and you have to know when to avoid the wrong one.

Don't think you'll work less. You are your worst boss.

There seems to be a natural life cycle to every client, and its important to realize when a contract is ending.

Even more so than when you work at a company you need to become involved in a professional organization.  It will help keep you sharp and relevant. Organizations offer networking and fill the social gap you’ll find as you no longer have coworkers.

I recommend the Freelancers Union.

A local chamber of commerce can also help with the solitude, as well as conferences in your industry.

Freelancers Union

You're your own company so now what?

I suggest adding legitimacy to your work and branding yourself with an LLC. It can be taxed as a sole proprieter or a partnership.   It can also provide your protections from lawsuits that may arise.  Incfile.com is a great option to incorporate and sets you up in any state.  


Book Keeping

Now that you’re a company you need to understand your cash flow and accounting. Bench.co is who I have found to handle book keeping.


You need a business checking account but you don’t need fees for banking. I’ve found Azlo Bank to be the answer.

business checking


Azlo offers banking services but for processing payments and to offer clients a third party for disputes I recommend a business Paypal account. Invoicing is easy and transparent.

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Initative is the first step to mutiny. – Matthew Leffler

About Our Causes

Because we strive to “Make An Impact”, Ultimate SEO has two causes that it champions.

  1. Greater Inclusion of Women In Technology.  Society has discouraged women from working in technology and we want to embrace it.
  2. Providing training and a second chance career opportunity to individuals who weren’t afforded the opportunity to learn technology as youths or young adults. Often due to homelessness, incarceration or a rural hometown we hope to provide a fair shake.

Our mission

Our mission is to make an impact. We strive to do this in many ways. 

With our clients it’s too offer the data proven digital marketing services, at a fair value.

With our team it’s to provide a stable workplace that embraces diversity, builds on unique skill sets and improves.

With our community it is to improve the lives of those we  work with and to champion the causes of equality and opportunity for all.

The key to our success is the success of our clients, our team and our community.

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