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Ultimate Employee Resources

This page links up several resources across domains and services.  It utilizes G Suite SSO to make logging in a little easier.  The following notices are required to be displayed.

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Privacy Policy For Employee Section Of Site

There is no privacy from UltimateSEO.org for any activity of employees on company resources.  There is no privacy to nonemployees accessing any resource from this page within the “employees” directory of the site.  This includes communication, access, content and images.  All activity is understood to be monitored and that data along with any communication, documents, presentations are understood to belong to the company and the company may at its discretion use these resources and data as it determines.  This notice should not be considered as limiting what the company may own and share.

Terms Of Service

Access to this section of the site is restricted to employees of UltimateSEO.org.  Service is not authorized beyond this page to anyone not approved by administration or an employee.  Access to this section of the site may be revoked at any time for any reason with or without warning at the sole discretion of UltimateSEO.org

G Suite Resources

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