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Example Audit Considerations 

This post includes a demo client audit recently completed with the client’s name largely removed.  Some reports are linked too from within the report and since those reports are still of use to the client they remain largely intact. This has prevented redaction of these external reports.  

Graphics may include the client’s site address.  This audit is only posted and made available to provide an illustration of what might be expected from an Ultimate SEO Custom Audit.

Its not uncommon to generate an audit of a site using a computer’s AI or a set of rules … “if this is that then write that.”  Automated audits are useful but only in showing very generalized often cookie cutter responses.  These responses would include statements such as “build more backlinks” but in these custom reports an SEO reviews the entirety of multiple automated reports and then provides insight and an action plan for addressing the most pressing issues affecting a site’s goals.

Ultimate SEO Custom Site Audits are a unique in-depth tool that is essential to many organization’s competitive edge.  In this post I’m including a recent audit completed for a client to provide an example of the audits we offer in the SEO store.

Read more about our custom audits after the example document.

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Our custom audits include virtually everything.  

  • Site Audit – listing errors and warnings that include missing pages, misspellings, missing metadata and more.
  • Backlink Audit – A review of the referring domains, their strength, anchor text, distribution and page targets.
  • Technical SEO – site load times, server technologies such as GZip compression, minification and more.
  • Site Structure – Includes SEO Visualizations, page click depth, internal linking and more.
  • Social Media Audit – Site social media foot print.
  • Competitor Metrics and Backlink Audit – An overview of competitor backlinks and SEO metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Domain Authority, Domain Rank, Backlinks and more.
  • Keywords – A review of the top traffic producing keywords, the top volume keywords, easiest to rank keywords and most difficult to rank keywords.
  • Google Analytics and Search Console – To understand User Behavior 
  • Content Analysis – Review of site’s strongest content for defined keywords, with recommendations for improvement.
  • Site Security – Review and make recommendations to ensure a secure site.
  • Actionable Plan – Audits end with a summary actionable plan, noting what should be focused on now and what can wait.

Audits include data from multiple sources ensuring the most accurate depiction of the site’s current status.  Resources used in the past:

  • SEOProfiler.com
  • SEMRush.com
  • SpiderFrog
  • URLProfiler
  • Website Auditor
  • MonitorBacklinks.com
  • GTMetrix.com
  • Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Oncrawl.com


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Audit Packages

$50 High Level Custom SEO Site Review

We'll create a brief audit, that still looks at the important stuff and let you know how your site could improve. Most reviews will consist of about 5 pages touching on keyword opportunities, server technology used, technical SEO and a backlink review.

Our Full Audit Packages

Check out our full audit packages which can be modular and focus on your desired SEO area or all inclusive at our SEO Store

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