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Featured SEO Articles

2021 Best WordPress Plugins For SEO

I think I did one of these articles in 2019 so its time to update the Best WordPress Plugins list for 2021. As an SEO minded person these will tend to lean towards that end of the spectrum but as we continue to see speed and mobile optimization has brought some highly technical requirements into the SEO realm. That expansion of SEO lends itself to an expansion of SEO plugins. 2021 Top WordPress Plugins
  1. Asset Cleanup: Page Speed Booster – The most damning thing to your site’s speed performance is typically the number of requests it makes to render your page. All those plugins you use likely come with js and css files each, many come with more than one set. So if you have 20 or 40 plugins you easily will have over a hundred files required to load a page and its mostly just needless bloat. For instance, if you have Contact 7 for forms …. you don’t need that plugins support files loading on pages that dont have a form on them. But … they are there and wasting your SEO time. This plugin allows you to offload what isn’t needed and then combine what is …
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Ultimate SEO And A Louisville Forward Grant – Coronavirus Update

Note: An update to this is available at the bottom Just a flash update on Ultimate SEO LLC. In July we were awarded a grant for redesigning our site and using local contractors by the Metro Louisville Covid Relief Grant administered by Louisville Forward. Another 800+ businesses were awarded these grants that were meant to serve as a lifeline to local businesses. The grant though is yet to be useful now 6 months later as only a third of it was ever funded, despite the grant period requiring all funds to be spent by Dec. 30 2020. Ultimate SEO is unlikely the only organization left hanging by the Louisville Forward grant. The reporting requirements seem to be impossible for the city to actually review. I submitted an initial report on Sept 5 2020 and only the last week of December did they request about 60 additional pages to the already 30 page report. If we consider the average report being 90 pages and 800 businesses must report twice that amounts to 144,000 pages of documents. If a team of auditors is able to work through 10 companies a week it may take another year and a half before these “vital” …
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Value Of SEO Backlinks From A Press Release ‚Äď Experiment

SEO Experiments Vs HearsayOne thing I hope folks appreciate about the articles and topics I cover is the experimentation. This article is not any different from our previous discussions based on real world observations. Some of these original articles based on experiments include:Its important to read what others have discovered but you have to take everyone‚Äôs opinion for what it is ‚Ķ an opinion. If its based on hearsay, then its not even their opinion ‚Ķ its just a repeated opinion from some unnamed source. With that said I‚Äôll stop preach onWhat Is The Value Of SEO Backlinks From Press Releases in 2020Recently I signed up to be included in a press release. The link to our site‚Äôs homepage was distributed on PRWeb to 102 outlets. The main question now is how will this affect organic ranking and visibility. From …
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Google Search Operator

SEO Research – Easy Smart Searches Using Google Operators

Searching is a lot more complex than typing a word and shifting through results.¬† Using Google Search Operators, predefined instructions that focus the results anyone can gain insights into Google’s thoughts. SEO Research: Getting To What Google Really Knows SEO Research often begins and ends with one randomly found site’s auto audit. There are hundreds of sites that will tell you the character count of this field and that.¬† These are all good and well but they aren’t intelligent and offer a glimpse of how that tool sees your site, not Google.¬† In the end do you want to get an A grade by a random SEO tool or do you want to rank higher on Google?¬† These are not the same goals often. Using Google Search Operators you can extract a focused image of your site.¬† Here’s a fast example, how many pages has Google indexed from your site?¬† You may have 100 blog posts but thats not the answer here.¬† You can setup and use Google Search Console, and you should, but a quick way to answer this in the moment is: site: Above we can easily see that Google has indexed 2,650 pages of¬† Thats …
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ultimate seo guide

Ultimate SEO Guide – DIYers From Beginners To Experts

Introduction To The Ultimate SEO Guide There are a lot of ultimate SEO guides out there but I feel this is the only Ultimate SEO Guide.¬† Over the past several years we’ve added over 175 articles to this site.¬† Thats a lot of content and unlike many other sites out there this content is fresh.¬† The oldest information we will be giving out here is from 2018 or newer.¬† That means this is likely the most relevant and up to date guide of all the other ones. You want the sweet spot in SEO agencies.¬† Too new and there isn’t much to gain in insight from them as they are just learning themselves.¬† Too old and the least relevant more biased the information is … in SEO anything over four years needs to be scrutinized.¬† You’re not likely looking for.a historical account of how things used to be, too often thats just what you’ll get. The SEO Tips And Tricks From A To Z …
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Buying A Domain Is Much Like Buying A Car

What Is A Domain Worth? Buying An Aftermarket Domain.

Buying a domain that is already registered is a complex process, but that centers around a simple fact.¬† A domain’s value is equal to the amount someone is willing to pay for it.¬† Its not what a seller is willing to sell it at, cause I can tell you I’ll sell “” for a billion dollars but it isn’t worth that until someone will pay that. Determining A Domains Value There are a lot of factors that come into play.¬† Here are some:
  • The length
  • The TLD ( is it a .com or a .wtf )
  • The Traffic It Gets
  • The SEO Value It Hold
    • How many sites link to it?
    • How many keywords does it rank for?
    • The perceived authority of the domain…
  • The Search Volume
  • Its ranking position for the keyword it represents ie ( ultimate seo … who ranks for that term )
  • Its history
  • How its being used presently
  • Who owns similar names … if the .org .net for instance are not registered then the .com isn’t as valuable. This speaks toward how many potential buyers there are for the domain.
Ultimate SEO LLC has as well as but …
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IFTTT Auto Post To Social Media Video

Video: Free Auto Post To Social Media From WordPress Using IFTTT Alternative ¬†Post to WordPress and be done with it. Using IFTTT you can setup applets to then auto post for you to Social Media. ¬†Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and more all for free all from IFTTT’s servers. ¬†I show you how in this quick and easy self help video. ¬†So take back your time and save some money instead of paying services like Got any questions or requests? ¬†Feel free to let me know in the comments, or tweet them too me @UltimateSEO3
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PPP Loan Process

SBA PPP Loan – Getting Past The Application Is A Challenge

Fundera Update 5/6/2020, a site recommended by and the which my application languished at for about a month sent out an update today suggesting those not with a PPP loan yet should apply for one with ¬†You will learn in this ongoing updating post that I too recommend ¬†I got my loan fully processed with them about 2 weeks ago. Paypal PPP Update 4/30/2020 Since posting I received an email from / Paypal’s SBA PPP Loan program. Due to processing limits at the SBA they expect it to take about 7 days before their applications are all transmitted. That doesn’t mean approved or funded … thats transmitted. I suppose this is an attempt to make it appear as if the funds lasted longer? That is really the best visual. ¬†The PPP loan program has proven again to resemble a child’s pinata, where you are blindfolded, and on roller skates. ¬†Funds are back on but this first day of the second round doesn’t seem to have changed anything but the alarming rate of bad news. ¬†Funds were projected to be out in 2 days. What PPP Has Been Like For This Small Business Its been …
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301 redirect seo

301 Redirects Of Expired Domains – What SEOs Don’t Tell Ya

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just buy a site thats similar to yours and redirect all their backlinks to yourself … you might try pointing them to relevant content or simply to your homepage. ¬†I do that. ¬†One such domains is, no I’m not a gurl but I support more women in tech and I do SEO. ¬†I also have ¬†Both domains were active for someone else who has since let them go, but they still had a wealth of backlinks. I’ve lead clients to try it with great results. ¬†But it seems black ops and the more prolific SEO channels out there generally ignore redirecting old domains, sometimes called “drop domains” or they discourage it. Consider Yoast … they are the SEO plugin, hands down number one in page optimization on a WordPress site. ¬†Their blog then largely is widely accepted and they have said relatively nothing on the matter … but would it surprise you to learn they actually do it themselves? ¬†Something they do but they’ve never made a blog post about it. Heres a video I made where I show others redirecting backlinks from now functionally defunct sites to their homepage. Now …
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Google Search Console Video

CTR, Impressions And Search Position Improves Web Traffic – Google Search Console Video

Gain More Traffic With Existing Content: GSC provides existing sites a handy list of pages that need new, better titles ands descriptions. ¬†This video walks you through identifying pages that need new titles in order to rank better on Google …
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Ultimate SEO Youtube Channel

Google Search Console Intro Video – How To Add A Site

Google Search Console Intro: It isn’t Google Analytics but it is essential to your SEO efforts and you should use this powerful free tool.¬† In this video we briefly look at Google Search Console and I walk you through adding a site and verifying it using DNS records. Part 1 of our Search Console Videos …
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How To Apply For Unemployment ‚Äď Help Self Employed During Coronavirus

Normally you might not qualify for unemployment, but this isn‚Äôt normally. ¬†Self employed, contractors, Uber Drivers and servers normally do not earn unemployment benefits but you should apply! You may not get the state benefits but you could qualify for federal benefits of $600 a week. ¬†You don‚Äôt know unless you apply. This is a video where, Matthew Leffler of Ultimate SEO walks you through the application of Kentucky question by question. Video: How To Apply For Unemployment During Coronavirus Many States Have Extended Coverage And The Federal Government Is Offering An Additional $600 A Week. It isn‚Äôt your fault the state is in lock down. ¬†This pandemic is affecting all kinds of industries. ¬†Even in SEO / Web Design there are many less projects because people are less interested in expanding their site‚Äôs visibility than ensuring they remain in business. That has created a huge drain on incomes, nearly 25% of all workers are now nontraditional and that is a huge need. It is better to extend benefits to everyone than to have one in four out seeking worker in a pandemic. ¬†So thats why you should apply for unemployment. In Kentucky you may qualify for about $400 a …
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Another year top rated

Another Year As A Top Rated Upwork SEO

Happy anniversary, Matthew! You’ve maintained your Top Rated status for another full year! We created the Top Rated program to support the best talent on Upwork. Less than 10% of our community has earned this distinction, and even fewer maintain the high quality and standards for as long as you have. I want to personally thank you for all the great work you do to help make Upwork a vibrant community. Wishing you continued success, Hayden Brown CEO, Upwork …
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Shawn Reilly And Political SEO

Political SEO Case Study: Louisville Metro Council Website

Highlands Campaign Site A site that I was lucky to work on during this 2020 election was that of Shawn Reilly, a candidate for Louisville Metro Council District 8. ¬† The site is aesthetically pleasing, the candidate picked out a good template for that. ¬†The template does incorporate some oddities in its coding and utilizes a page builder that was new to me. ¬†Elementor remains my go to favorite page builder and is widely used, this template uses Bold Builder which reminds me a little bit of King or WP Page Bakery. The page builder can be unintuitive and clunky at times requiring creative fixes and CSS hacks. ¬†Ultimately though I’d say the page builder is neither an asset or a liability for this theme. wasn’t my preferred domain name, I prefer the candidate’s name but I joined the effort after the initial decisions were made, including the web host. Coronavirus and 2020 Election The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on the election. ¬†The way it is carried out and the date have had to adapt. ¬†The candidate created a smart section to the site about this new factor in the election. ¬†A Coronavirus resource page for Louisville
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Yahoo FinanceArticle: Top 25 SEO Agencies Named

I don’t necessarily pay much attention to top whatever lists but in SEO they can show some level of relevance regarding visibility.¬† After all its the goal of SEO to make a site get noticed and I think it looks good for any SEO agency to get noticed.¬† That’s why I’m happy with the ranking attained in this article on Yahoo Finance.¬† No money was exchanged for this ranking. The Top SEO Marketing Companies of 2020, According to Digital Marketing Agency Rating Platform PR Newswire¬† ¬†February 27, 2020 75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of search engine results. identified the best digital marketing companies worldwide that can boost businesses’ search engine rankings to the coveted positions. NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results which leaves most websites in the dark. Namely, Google uses more than 200 factors to rank pages, making websites’ path to the top 10 positions difficult. An increasing number of businesses are turning to SEO experts to increase visibility and outperform their competition in search., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with digital marketing experts, identified the top SEO marketing …
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SEO Search Engine

Anyone can do SEO…and have a blog. SEO Information Accuracy If you Google something you always get back 1,000,000 results of varying quality.¬† SEOs aren’t tested and credentialed … one of my competing SEO Agencies in Local Search rankings has no formal education and spent time in a prison for meth distribution.¬† (So many you’ll never know and I wont tell, you have to research folks on your own.) I know that sounds petty for me to say, but I’m just highlighting that anyone can say they do SEO. With so many competing voices its no wonder that yesterday I ran across a blog post by an SEO who’s mildly known from 2017 where he stated speed was not a factor and was not on the way to becoming a factor in mobile first.¬† He’s corrected by a commenter and then he declares its not happening now.¬† 2018 Google made it a factor. What happens when we let anyone say anything as an authority?¬† Alternative facts. Search Engine Dedicated To SEO Topics So I’m testing an SEO Search Engine.¬† It includes several established and often right SEO voices as well as Google’s forums and posts for people to ask their …
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Page Speed Optimization Video

Page Speed Optimization On WordPress – SEO Technical Audit Part 1

Part 1 of a new series Completing A SEO Technical Audit begins with a popular topic Page Speed WordPress Optimization. ¬†Its popular for good reason, in an article I note an example where a site ranks higher on mobile search than its bigger, higher DA competitor because of page speed.¬†The video walks through using to speed up a client site. ¬†In the video we also use Think With Google and put a plugin called JetPack into place to serve as our free CDN option.I don’t usually use Jetpack and prefer Cloudflare for the CDN but in this site’s case I lacked access to the domain DNS servers which hamper Cloudflare installation.¬†Jetpack is a plugin of last resort, and I honestly don’t recommend it. ¬†Its broken more sites than helped in my experience.¬†¬†This video is primarily focused on page speed optimization but it also serves as a good start for any SEO Technical Audit.Page Speed is a ranking factor. In mobile searches its even more important. WordPress Optimization is essential to meet the quick load times expected by visitors.¬†An SEO Technical Audit usually begins with setting a baseline and then outlining the goal and why it’s being missed.¬†Sites for assessing …
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Page Speed

Can Page Speed Alone Make A Difference In Google Ranking? Yes, it even beats Domain Authority.

Before ya flip your lid on a DA93 site losing to a DA63 site dont forget…DA doesn’t mean anything to Google.¬† It is a made up number.¬† You can read more about Domain Authority in several articles we have posted.A Case Study of SEO Speed, Domain Authority And Keyword RankThis is from a recently added FAQ to the Ultimate SEO FAQ section.¬† Check it out for more SEO 411. ¬†Let me show you how important speed is‚Ķ.below you see the search results for a keyword.¬† The one on the left is for desktop, the one on the right shows mobile.¬† They are close but one site out ranks another in mobile where it doesn’t in desktop.Why is not higher than in mobile search on the right?¬† It is higher on desktop. ¬†Right off this tells us 1. Mobile search results are not just the desktop results in mobile format. 2. Mobile results are displayed more often than desktop, so you really should stop Googling yourself on a desktop if you want to see the results people most often see.¬†Consider these = Domain Authority: 89 Domain Score: 55 Trust Score 58 Alexa Rank 763 Registered 1996 Ads 3,900¬†Backlinks¬†57,000,000 …
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Ultimate SEO LLC Named In Top 27 Digital Marketing Agencies

This is a repost of content found on¬† While I’ve written before on my opinion of top # lists I figured it’s still nice to be mentioned in one. The Top 27 Digital Agencies to Improve a Company’s Online Presence, According to Branding Agency Rating Platform February 12, 2020 7:15am ¬† 95% of people in North America are internet users, indicating that most consumers are interacting with brands online. ranked the top digital agencies that help brands build better customer relationships, generate more leads and close more sales online. NEW YORK (PRWEB) February 12, 2020 95% of people in North America are internet users, indicating that most consumers are interacting with brands online. This has led brands to invest more in optimizing their online presence. Working with a digital agency can strengthen a brand’s online positioning, generate more qualified leads and increase conversions., a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with the top branding agencies, researched and ranked the best digital agencies for developing digital strategies that meet companies’ business goals. The top digital agencies are: 1. Digital Silk 2. B√§st Branding Agency 3. Become Digital Today 4. Brand You Development & Coaching Limited 5. Cerberus Agency 6. Decipher …
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Drift and SEO

Optimizing For Page Speed: The High Price Of Drift In SEO

Drift AI Bot Aims To Improve Conversions, But Its Performance Kills Speed And Sinks Your SEO RankingThis an updated discussion on the use of Drift as an AI bot.¬† We go through the reason why this is important, we look at why its a problem and I’ll show you the results of recommendations offered by Drift.¬† It’s also important to note that Drift essentially admits there is a problem and they claim to be working to address it.¬† At least that’s inferred from this discussion providing a possible fix Tips For Optimizing Page Speed When Using Drift.¬† Before you follow those instructions, I’ll save you time … don’t until you read the results after I followed them.These chat applications allow web visitors to talk with web staffers.¬† It depends on how you implement this tool but Drift has clearly focused on the sales and conversion niche.¬† Drift claims that it helps sites discover potential customers and provides an avenue to lead visitors into customers.¬† It all makes sense certainly, but Drift is executed in a very sloppy way that pays little regard to SEO and drives your site’s traffic into the ground.Weighing The Conversions Vs The Page SpeedA plugin that …
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